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Pa(i)ge Packaging

A statistic that jumped out at me recently claimed that 75% of UK adults want less packaging used in online shopping. This is something I also feel passionate about and after some brainstorming my new packaging is finally ready to share with you all! 
The plan was to create packaging that not only fits my brand but enhances the importance of sustainability within the retail industry. Pa(i)ge Packaging uses pages from old Sunday Times magazines.
Piece of Paige jewellery now comes in Piece of Pa(i)ge packaging!
I have been collecting these magazines for a while now and have a growing collection ready for sales. Not only is this a great way to recycle pre-loved magazines, but also looks better than the tissue and shredded paper I purchased off Ebay.
As savvy online shopper will know there’s always a slight gamble as to what the product actually looks like online compare to IRL, whether that’s a dress that looked better on the model or tissue paper that isn’t quite the right shade. 
Now the only paper I use is recycled pieces from my old magazines. I use 1 page to wrap and another page shredded to keep all purchases secure inside their Pa(i)ge Packaging box.. 
The next stage of the new packaging is the carding that comes with each order. I am fortunate that my partner is a Graphic Designer so have been able to work with him to produce 3 cards unique to Piece of Paige to be received with every order:
  1. A care guide to looking after your jewellery
  2. A promotion card 
  3. A thank you card for customers with space for a personalised note
Here's a sneak view of the three together alongside the Pa(i)ge Packaging: 
Branding, especially for a small business like myself, is so important to stand out from the crowd. That’s why I focus on the little details from colour pallet, to linking to my online presence, to create a cohesive brand.
To finish off I have a custom made large logo stamp that features on the inside lid of each box. It’s these details that let you know that I care about my products.
I can't wait for you all to see the packaging when you next place an order with me, I hope you love it as much as I do! 
H x


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